Senior Simulation Engineer

On-site - Full time

About the company

Autonoma is a startup focused on enabling a safer autonomous future through cutting-edge simulation tools. We have embarked on a journey to bridge the gap between simulation and real world testing for autonomous vehicles, defense, drones, warehouse robotics, and smart infrastructure.

Position Overview

As a senior simulation engineer, you will play a pivotal role in refining our simulation platform, ensuring accuracy, customer alignment, and scalability. At a growing startup, you will be working in a dynamic, fast-paced environment where you will have a major impact on the direction, decisions, and success of Autonoma. We are looking for someone driven, resilient, creative, and always willing to learn.


  • - Help drive the development of our scalable simulation platform.
  • - Work with customers to best meet their needs
  • - Measure and analyze the performance of our simulation against real world data.
  • - Collaborate to integrate our simulator into CICD pipelines.
  • - Participate in real world testing/demonstrations.
  • - Provide technical guidance to junior team members.


  • - BS/MS/PhD in Computer Science, Engineering, or equivalent experience.
  • - Experience in developing and deploying high-quality software solutions.
  • - Strong problem-solving abilities and attention to detail.
  • - Ability to work collaboratively in a fast-paced startup environment.
  • - Excellent communication skills.
  • - US citizen, permanent resident, or right-to-work visa holder.

Desired Skills (candidates do not need to have all)

  • - C++, C#, Python.
  • - Game engines, such as Unreal Engine 5 or Unity.
  • - ROS2.
  • - Linux, Docker, Git, Agile development.
  • - DevOps/CICD pipelines.
  • - AWS/Cloud Architecture.
  • - Autonomous vehicles/robots.
  • - Vehicle dynamics.
  • - Sensors (lidar, camera, radar, GNSS, IMU, etc.).
  • - Autonomy software.
  • - Scalable APIs.
  • - Technical writing skills.

Why Autonoma?

  • - Impact: Play a major role with a company poised to disrupt the autonomous industry.
  • - Innovation: Work with cutting-edge technology and explore new ideas.
  • - Growth: Be an early employee of a company poised for rapid growth in an emerging industry.

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